About us

Stickgrips was created by a couple of fitness enthousiasts. They were visiting FIBO, which is Europe’s biggest fitness event, where they were inspired by some very basic rubber pads. They saw this product and they liked the concept of not enclosing your hands inside a glove so they started brainstorming how they could improve this simple rubber pad and create something better.

They then reworked the entire design, changing the material from rubber to neoprene to improve flexibility, adding a layer of soft cloth to absorb moisture and add comfort, adding the fingerloops so it stays fixed to your hand, they also added the possibility to customize it with your own logo and choose any combination of colours, making it an excellent addition to any gym or fitness organisation.

Their aim was to make a product that would protect your hands during a workout while at the same time eliminating the most common problems people have with regular workout gloves. Stickgrips not only offers protection, but also enhances your training

Users of stickgrips have agreed with them, whether they are professional bodybuilders or casual gym-goers, that stickgrips are exactly what they have been looking for. Not only because of the protection they provide and excellent grip, they are also very stylish thanks to over a hundred different possible colour combinations. You could easily match a pair of stickgrips for every outfit, the possibilities are endless.

Since the beginning their mission has been to serve everyone that loves working out in a way that would really impact their workout experience. What better way of doing this than by providing the world with a new and improved version of the regular workout glove: Stickgrips.


Some reviews from Stickgrip users:

Stick-grips have the best grip, in and outdoor, not comparable with a workout glove at all. Personally, I think Stick-grips are a must have for everyone that enjoys lifting weights, whether it’s fitness or crossfit. So simple, yet so efficient, love it.

Frank Cuppens, Belgium

Stickgrips is nice for heavy weights because my hands won’t feel pain and I can grip weights more tightly. Some bars and handles are a bit thin for my hands and I can’t hold them very well, Stickgrips makes the bar feel bigger.

Jacky Lin, Belgium

In all my years of working out, I had the problem that my training gloves never survived long. Then I tried Stick-grips and what a surprise! I had one of the best workouts! First of all the grips are very comfortable. Secondly, they last very long and are available in many colours. I recommend Stick-grips for everyone who want to take their training to the next level.

Glen Schrijvers, Belgium

I recommend Stickgrips to anyone that works out in the gym. I use them all the time to get the most out of my training thanks to their amazing grip. Absolutely love them! Grip it!

Iris Joyce Verhelst, Belgium

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